Sarita @VineMeUp

Sarita is a DC native with a passion for food and wine. Before she launched her blog, Vine Me Up, she served as a Senior Tasting Room Associate at Black Ankle Vineyards. She has a WSET certification and is known for discovering great wines and unique wine pairings.

In 2015, Sarita began to produce, The Swirl Suite, a podcast based on her experience with fellow wine professionals. 


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Tanisha @GirlMeetsGlass

Tanisha has a list of wine certifications and currently lives in Paris, France, where she is a Wine Concierge and Product Influencer. She creates wine and cocktail experiences throughout Paris providing expert advice on what to drink at some of the best places in town.


Glynis @Vino_Noire

WSET certified, Glynis has a magical palate and expert nose for wine. Her brand, Vino_Noire is a wine education and lifestyle cyber destination that is dedicated to providing the cosmopolitan consumer with insights into fine wine, tourism, and culture.



Leslie @Vino301

Lastly, Leslie loves everything Maryland, especially the vineyards! She is also WSET certified and her wine concierge company Vino301, creates an exquisite experience for vino lovers. Her goal is to ensure every guest be thrilled and delighted beyond their expectations when attending a Vino 301 event.